Affiliate Earning Opportunities


Unlock fantastic affiliate earning opportunities and boost your income effortlessly. You can be part of our success story without ever revealing your face or enduring any unnecessary hassles.

Affiliate earning opportunities

Join Our Affiliate Network

Start your journey by becoming an affiliate member. Simply fill out our easy registration form and complete a one-time service fee payment.

Get Your Webpage Link from Your Affiliate Dashboard

After registration, use your email and password to log in your affiliate dashboard. Here, you'll find your unique personal webpage link and QR code.

Start Earning by sharing Our Global Web videos when customer clicks your webpage link and buy.

Begin your earning journey by downloading or copying and pasting our global web video links within your back office. Share these captivating videos across your social media channels. Watch your earnings soar as customers click your personal link and make product purchases, granting you up to a remarkable 20% in referral bonuses!

Introducing Our Affiliate Packages:

VIP Affiliate Package: $499

VIP Affiliate Package: $499

Upgrade your affiliate experience with our VIP Affiliate Package, which includes all the perks from the Affiliate Package, plus these additional advantages:

  • Still, enjoy the one-time service fee that secures your permanent membership with 20% off on all products in our online store.
  • Benefit from an increased 20% referral bonus when customers make purchases or join our affiliate program through your personal webpage link.
  • Join our workshops to master advanced social media marketing. Learn to set up accounts, craft dynamic videos, and stay at the forefront of online strategy. Maximize your online presence with us!
  • Elevate your affiliate marketing with 2 customized video productions to promote your business, services or ourglobalweb products.
  • Be among the first to receive free samples of our exciting new products.

Affiliate Package: $159

Enjoy the following benefits with our Affiliate Package:

  • A one-time service fee that grants you permanent membership in our global web community.
  • Gain access to an exclusive 15% discount on all products available in our online store. Shop conveniently from your personalized member dashboard.
  • Receive your very own permanent webpage link and QR scan code for easy sharing.
  • Earn a 15% referral bonus whenever a customer makes a purchase or joins our affiliate program through your webpage link.

Affiliate earning opportunities